Sleeping Vegan

Noone: This disturbing event happened to me last night. I was dreaming that Arby’s was having a big sale on roast beef and I ended up getting a sandwich and eating it. Before eating it in the dream, I had second thoughts but ate it anyway. After I ate it, in the dream, I freaked out over it - then I woke up and realized - much to my relief - that it was a dream.

Rosemary: I have had a couple of dreams about eating bacon. I will be eating bacon and thinking, this is good, I wonder why I don’t have bacon more often?

superwife: man, i had a dream the other night that i was sitting at a table with a bunch of people and someone served us all breakfast burritos… everyone (myself included) was moving in synch… it was like synchronized eating. we all picked up the burritos and took a bite, and much to my horror, it was eggs and sausage! i had to keep eating because we were all doing the same thing and for some reason i couldn’t not do it… but i felt terrible!

hazelfaern: (responding to above) Sounds disturbing, but also like a pretty cool metaphor for compulsive conformity.

its_a_gas: Just last week, I had a dream that I was eating some Fantastic Foods vegetarian “chicken noodle” soup. I started reading the nutritional info on the back, and saw that gelatin was listed as one of the ingredients. I woke up thinking that it was real. I was completely horrified for a few minutes.

erasmus: I have had quite a few dreams about eating meat or dairy since I decided to stop eating those things. One time, I actually ate a whole, raw frog! I’ve stopped having these dreams, however, much to my satisfaction. Now, when I’m offered meat in my dreams I always turn it down.

kristeenamarie: It’s sort of odd but last year every few weeks I’d have a dream that I was eating a hamburger and I’d wake up crying.

magick_nuts: Never had dreams of eating meat but i have a recurring dream where i don’t realize a KitKat is milk chocolate and start eating it. Then i realize, so i look around and see no one else has noticed, and carry on eating.

Tofuy: i dreamed i ate two of those foot-long hot dogs. i could clearly see and smell or whatever all the grease and the crinkles on the hot dog skin. i woke up sick that next morning and threw up twice that day. one of those times was on my dads foot, which was cool.

vegancellist: i dream about food a lot but never meat. Plantains, sprouts, cabbage, etc. Yesterday i had a dream that i went to a restaurant and they had chilled blueberry soup. It looked amazing but i found out that it had butter in it. i was really sad in the dream because the soup was so pretty.

slackar: I ate some huge ass chunk of lobster in a dream the other day. Another lobster was eating it, so I felt justified in doing it too, apparently.

eemal: not long ago, i had a dream i was in Louisiana, at a relative’s house. we were out by the car, all talking, and we were parked under an apple tree. i grabbed an apple, and whilst opening my mouth to take a huge bite, it ended up being a raw chicken leg quarter. i was sickened and horrified. i spit it out, and looked at the bloody carnage, and spit and spit and spit and spit, yet STILL felt guilty that I’d taken a bite of an animal, however deceptively or inadvertently. i was so horrified that i awoke SCREAMING.

My hubby asked if I’d had a nightmare, and i replied “YES! I DREAMT I BIT A CHICKEN LEG QUARTER!!!” And he, though he’s vegan as well, looked at me like i was a nut. Well, not 2-3 weeks later, he had a VERY SIMILAR DREAM, even though i hadn’t told him the details of my dream: he also dreamt that he grabbed an apple off a tree that ended up being a raw chicken appendage once he bit into it. Alas, HE awoke screaming as well.

Drew!: I had a semi-lucid experience last night where I was dreaming that I was in a virtual world type video game. I was sitting at a table and there was mac and cheese being passed around. I remember thinking, “I can eat this! it isn’t real!” But i had reservations because I thought I was endorsing a non-vegan lifestyle.

Inspiration: I have had multiple nightmares where I accidentally consume meat. Shortly after these mistakes I wind up trying to make myself throw up, which is my plan if I ever do accidentally consume animal products.

slackar: Had another dream that I ate meat. I was eating drumsticks (or was I eating chicken legs?), and then caught myself. All of a sudden, I was like, “oh crap. I’m vegan. What the fizzuckz am I doing?” Yet I still continued to chew away. I then kept wondering to myself (in the dream) how I was going to explain my actions to the people here at Vegan Represent. Sad, huh?

Rebbie: Every once in a while, I will start to “miss” eating meat. On those days when I think about it I will go to sleep and dream about cows getting their throats slit and begging me to save them while they bleed to death. Very disturbing.

Ahimsabland: In my dream last night I was at some bizarre place which ended up being an abandoned zoo. I was there with a few friends and we were hungry, so of course we went to the canteen to see what was being offered. The ladies at the cash registers weren’t familiar with the term “Vegan” so I had to explain to them that I didn’t eat any animals or animal derived products. They ended up giving me a cheese and ham sandwich (i didn’t eat this one, the meat and cheese were clearly hanging out the sides of the sub) and I started to become frustrated with them.

"I DON’T eat animal products!" I said. "If you can’t give me a sandwich with just salads I will torch your house," I unnecessarily yelled at the large woman.

I ended up getting a lettuce and spinach sandwich which turned out to be quite delicious, very flavorsome for something so simple.

Then when i was halfway through the sandwich, I discovered there were no greens, but actually chunks of ham and many slices of cheese infesting the inside of my sandwich. Also, the bread was made out of egg, and there was butter instead of oil! To top it off, I had elitist vegan friends observing my terrible mistake, who no longer were my friends.

I felt as though I murdered another human being and experienced a variety of harsh negative emotions for the rest of the dream.

I ended up being naked with no money or no way of getting home.

spacehippy: I’ve had perhaps a dozen meat-eating dreams. I don’t think we really have to worry, though, since meat in dreams technically qualifies as being vegan.

Herbi: Just a few weeks ago I had a dream that I was vehemently arguing pro-veganism with my family while simultaneously grilling and eating an entire bird of some sort. Don’t let some meatie Psych undergrad convince you that it necessarily means we want/need/crave meat! (though I guess technically it could… not helping matters, am I?)