Aeriellie: My fiance is omni and he absolutely won’t give it up. He’s eating more vegan/vegetarian meals with me, but he won’t give up his meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Since he still insists on eating meat, is it necessarily bad that I ask him to at least choose his meats from more humane sources?

M.W.O.A.I.: I’d say yes, unfortunately. It’s the whole “lesser of two evils” thing.

GuiltyofBeingTrite: Who cares? The cow was smiling the second before I decapitated it. Grr. With the happy meat argument, you can justify the death penalty as long as some body of people has determined the inmate was treated well. The problem I find with the whole concept is that being killed unnecessarily for food is inherently inhumane, so it offsets however they were treated before their death.

Tofulish: Happy meat = oxymoron. There is no way for animals to be killed, or milked, or used for eggs in a way that isn’t exploitative and cruel. Because at the base of it, their commodification means that we are assigning their value based on whats best for the consumer not what’s best for the animal.

buddhist cupcake: At least in my own personal realm of experiences, “happy meat” is not a stepping stone on the journey to veganism. It is a self-congratulating way of continuing a lifestyle that contributes to cruelty.

Adam Crisis: It’s honestly easier to just exclude everything than try to pick and choose.

Chatter710: There’s too much trouble involved trying to track down ‘humane’ farmers or whatever.