Vegans Vs. The World

AshleyKimball: I wake up in the morning sometimes and “forget” the world isn’t vegan.  Then I go ANYWHERE and try to do my vegan stuff and get looked at cock-eyed, then remember how crappy the world can be. 

Linda: Once your eyes are opened, the inhumanity humans display in the supermarket is overwhelming.

BCSH: For a long time I’ve wanted to create my own nation. Preferably on an island. A vegan nation. A cruelty free nation where all beings are equal in terms of compassion. … Sometimes I hate the world and think there’s no hope for humanity. Sometimes I hate humanity. But I’m forever the optimist.

ShaolinBunny: I know exactly how you feel. I’m just waiting for my *real* people/family to come pick me up off earth and take me home—my aliens from another benevolent planet far far away in the universe where beings treat each other and their planet with pure kindness and love. Where are they, dammit?!!! I’ve been waiting forever! Why haven’t I been beamed up and transported home, yet? And why have they abandoned me here to dwell among the millions of a**holes who don’t give a crap about anything?!!!

Compassionate Vegetarian: Humans are bastards. It’s as simple as that. Fuck human suffering. They inflict so much misery and atrocities upon absolutely innocent animals that I find it impossible to feel pity or sadness for human tragedy. Fuck humans. Animal rights and welfare are all that concern me.

Carl Hiaasen Rules: Compassionate Vegetarian, I agree with you five billion percent. Where the hell is that damned pandemic scientists keep yapping about??? Even if it kills me in the process, I’ll at least die knowing the earth has shaken off a good chunk of the parasitic human race.

Kimberlily1983: I have days like that too, when I’m disgusted by people. It’s so hard, but I tell myself that not getting past that anger in some cases harms the animals more, because it shuts people off to the message I’m trying to spread. Sometimes I feel like I’m living a lie, trying to tone down my message so as to not turn people off from the beginning. I can’t start with something like, “If you were a good person, you wouldn’t put them through that, just so you can have your taste of bacon, or whatever it is.” But it’s often what I’m thinking.

faunablues: At the moment, I’m more or less at peace with family and friends around me who haven’t chosen to be vegan or vegetarian. It helps to think of them as future vegans…

CableRock: Does every one of the almost 7 billion people on this earth deserve better treatment than any other species? Regardless of the fact that it is humans and only humans who are full of malice and hate and greed and murder. Why do you put our species as a whole on a pedestal? Every other animal has been living in balance with the earth, and then we come in and totally fuck the entire planet up. It’s not that I have a heightened sense of caring for animals, it’s just that I do not blindly value human life like some of you do. Most humans are ignorant worthless piles of meat and the world would benefit without them. People are responsible for their own suffering, as well as the suffering of probably every other animal on the planet. Fuck them all.

KKJ: I hate people, and yes, I hate being a person. I am ashamed of what species I happened to be born into. … Yes dear, I can be for animals, excluding those of the human type. I do not care who gets killed in a car wreck, or falls from a bridge, or rather my favorite, killed by a wild animal because they wanted to get a “better” picture of that animal and got too close. I absolutely celebrate hunting accidents and encourage everyone to just kill every other person they get the chance to kill. I think it is great, because it is rewarding to see that my idea of humans is correct and validates my reasoning for despising them in the first place. Humans are and always have been selfish, greedy, fearful, jealous, angry and having no compassion for anything other than their own personal desires… I cannot see why others can not see this in your face fact. I guess it harms the ego of even the most active of activist to think they are so awful.

Vegan Bug: I’ve found that over the summer I have spent most of my waking hours reading over animal rights blogs, books, news reports, and anything else I can get my hands on. Sometimes there are good stories to be found, heartwarming stories of compassion. But more often then not, harmful legislation is being passed, bastardly humans are doing evil things to animals, or some idiotic moron actually tries to convince us that humans are naturally better then animals. What I’m saying is that I found I needed to step back from the movement for a little while and somehow try to restore my faith in humanity.

TKitty96: Sorry, but I hold no hope for humanity.  I gave that up long ago.  I still do what I can to ease suffering, and I am still sometimes appalled by the things that others do.  I am no longer surprised by them, though.  That’s sad.

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"Last November, while I was struggling with the question of spending Thanksgiving with my family or not, my soulmate made the comparison of having a roasted turkey on the dinner table to having the cooked, headless body of one of our cats on the table. It simply isn’t food; it’s a corpse. He was right, and I realized I felt that way about all animal products. They truly aren’t food (or materials) to me any more. They’re no more edible to me than a piece of a human body. If you stick with veganism, you will also have this epiphany."
— “Vegan For Life

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"And for those ignorant folks who STILL think I’m bonkers and do not respect my decision not to eat animals… maybe YOU should be the one being tortured and eaten. Yeah! Maybe YOU should have your fingers CUT off and your limbs broken and then be forced to sit in your own excrements for a few weeks before being thrown in some boiling water alive. THEN, maybe YOU should be cooked and eaten…that is if there is even any thing good under those thick layers of lard - probably a result of the huge amounts of saturated fat you have been scarfing down. Of course, you wouldn’t be on MY plate, since I don’t eat anything that had a face."

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"There are many reasons I’m vegan. And one is that I’m too damned lazy, and much too cheap, to be a truly conscientious omnivore."

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"The arson at the Sheepskin Factory in Denver was done in defense and retaliation for all the innocent animals that have died cruelly at the hands of human oppressors. Be warned that making a living from the use and abuse of animals will not be tolerated. Also be warned that leather is every bit as evil as fur. As demonstrated in my recent arson against the Leather Factory in Salt Lake City. Go vegan!"

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"If you’ve been a good boy or girl and know cheese is nothing but the product of whoring out cows that live only a 1/5 of their natural lifespan, not to mention the environmental impact of those same whores passing gas on dairy farms, you might have some ‘moments’ of your own after giving up such an addictive and admittedly tasty product."

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"Don’t apologize for your choice to be vegan. When you have to make special requests at dinner with non-vegan friends, never say sorry. If anything, they are the ones who should be apologizing for feeling the need to put the decaying carcass of a tortured animal in their body, instead of fresh plant food! … Also, never hesitate to offer up all the glorious health benefits that come with eating vegan. Some people may not realize that by eating vegan you are dramatically reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and pretty much any disease you can think of!"

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